Dr Piers Dawes

Dr Piers Dawes

Dr Piers Dawes - 19th annual Libby Harricks Memorial Oration

Dr Piers Dawes studied speech and hearing science at Curtin University in Western Australia before moving to the UK to study for a doctorate in experimental psychology at Oxford University. He is a senior lecturer in audiology at the University of Manchester. Dr Dawes’s research concerns the impact of hearing impairment on development in childhood and old age, and improving the quality of life for adults and children with hearing impairments. Dr Dawes was a recipient of a US-UK Fulbright award and was awarded the British Society of Audiology’s TS Littler prize for services to audiology.

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  • Call for abstracts closed28 April 2017
  • Authors notified of shortlisting4 August 2017
  • Earlybird and presenter registration deadline31 August 2017
  • Dementia2017 Conference17-20 October

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